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SugarBomb conceptualized in 2015 in the United Kingdom when the founders met, where idea and direction of the company was discussed. What started as a perfume brand, has since expanded into producing other noteworthy products such as air-fresheners, hand sanitizers, and various other merchandises.

The origin of SugarBomb is derived from two different words, ‘Sugar’ and ‘Bomb’ representing the best in the perfumery. Together it signifies ‘sweet fragrance that will blast the perfume industry’

Our business is expanding

From a humble home workshop, to a large 3-acre factory, SugarBomb has over 200 talented individuals employed at our Headquarters in Klang and our factory in Meru, Klang.

One of SugarBomb’s greatest strengths is our quality control.  Our Chemical Advisor graduated from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, alongside our highly skilled researchers, closely monitor SugarBomb’s mixtures and production to ensure that each product achieves world-class standards and international recognition.


A leading fragrance distributor, formulating fragrances using internationally approved ingredients that is scientifically tested while still being affordably priced.

  • Create a globally recognized Malaysian brand in the fragrance Industry
  • Attain the lowest prices for perfumes so everyone can enjoy Sugarbomb’s unique scents
  • Maintain the highest quality product, embracing cost-efficient systems, and a structured distribution channel
  • To be the ideal company to work for, where employees are treated as part of one big family

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