Welcome onboard to our newest bathbomb - Sweet Scandalous - SugarBomb Perfume

SugarBomb Bath Bomb: Sweet Scandalous

It is the perfect companion for a bath that lets you escape from everyday life and provides moments of relaxation. It is time to pamper yourself, with Sweet Scandalous fragrant bubbles that fizz and foam, soothe your senses immediately with a comforting warm, pink, bath!


How to use:
One SugarBomb Bath Bomb for medium sized tub.
Two SugarBomb Bath Bomb for BOMBastic bath experience!


1) Fill up bathtub with warm water.
2) Remove SugarBomb Bath Bomb wrapper. Slowly lower Bath Bomb onto water surface.
3) Upon contact with water, colour(s) and scents will start to swirl around the surface of your tub as the Bath Bomb fizzes.
4) Time for Insta-worthy photos and videos! Tag us at @sugarbombhq #SugarBombBathBomb
5) Step into your bathtub and enjoy your bath time.
6) Once done, rinse off with water.


• The colour(s) will not stain your bathtub or skin.
• Tub surface may become slippery after use, adult supervision is required.